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Mulan 2 (HD) Google Play Redeem (Ports to MA)

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Mulan’s epic adventure continues as she and her now-fiancé Shang escort three princesses to a distant city for prearranged political marriages. But when Mulan learns the women are unwilling brides-to-be, she and Shang clash over their mission.

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When Mulan (Ming-Na) accepts General Shang’s (B.D. Wong) marriage proposal, her guardian, Mushu (Mark Moseley), fears that he will lose his place in her life as she is accepted into Shang’s family. Meanwhile, the Emperor asks Mulan and her fiancé to accompany three princesses to meet their future spouses in a distant territory. During the course of their dangerous journey through China, Mushu attempts to break up the young couple, and unlikely relationships flourish.

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Release date: February 1, 2005
Directors: Darrell Rooney, Lynne Southerland
Screenplay: Roger S. H. Schulman

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