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In 1973, a spiritual awakening captured the heart of nearly every player on the Woodlawn High School football team, and led to the largest game every played in the torn city of Birmingham, Alabama.

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Following government-mandated desegregation in 1973, Tony Nathan (Caleb Castille) joins fellow African-American students at Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, Ala. As violence and anger erupt in the city, Woodlawn football coach Tandy Gerelds (Nic Bishop) allows an outsider (Sean Astin) to speak to his players. His message of hope and love leads to a spiritual awakening that inspires star athlete Nathan, his teammates and other members of the community to overcome the hate that surrounds them.

IMDb: 6.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 77%
Google users: 97%

Release date: October 16, 2015
Directors: Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin
Box office: 14.4 million

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